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Meeting Monique
Yup, that’s me! It’s nice to meet you!

Hi friends! Glad to have you here! I am your typical shy introvert and always have  been since I was a little girl. I mean I do talk, but just around people I’m completely comfortable with. On the plus side, I am a great listener, so if you ever need to vent I am all ears! Growing up, I spent my days tracing and drawing. I guess you can say I have a thing for art. Photography also came into the play, I had an interest in taking photos. At least, I thought I was a photographer back then. I would go to school with my little boxed camera (you know the disposable one that you needed to take to CVS to have the film developed. . .Yep, that’s the one!) My mom would always take me to have the film developed. Being so anxious, I couldn’t wait to share the photos. Some of classmates and friends. Others of plants, the sky, and even the ground. 

What Sparked your Interest?

Growing up, my dad worked dealing with concrete construction. He even had his own small business that was named, Heard It’s Smooth Concrete Construction. Whenever he would check on a job site, my little sister and I tagged along in his white Chevy pick-up truck. I loved seeing his job sites, but I hated the travels which were most of the time long. For me, it was always such a thrill to see his work, whether it was of a parking garage or the start of a basement for a future home. As we drove around, he would always point out to my sister and I where he had completed a job. I may not have known it then, but now I can see how proud he was of his accomplishments.

Living back off the road or as I always told friends “we live in the woods.” We had a long graveled pathway that my sister and I would walk to catch the bus at times. What used to be an old dirt graveled road has become a smooth and less bumpy road, thanks to my dad. He poured our concrete driveway, the back patio, and even the sidewalk leading to the front door. I was in awe of how rewarding it must be to do things yourself and be your own boss. In the picture below the front sidewalk is a mixture of rocks incorporated with the stepping stones that were there before. 

Why Blog?

Blogging is a new factor in my life. One, I never thought of doing until I remembered I used to have a WordPress account in my early 20’s for another purpose. Then I thought, “Hey! Why not give blogging a try?” Seeing other talented moms of many get it done and excel with their blog motivated me to begin my own blog journey. Though it is not an easy venture, it has been a fun, engaging learning experience.

Personally, it was the loneliness you may have by being a stay at home parent that drove me to craves something more. If you’re anything like me, a mom who moved away from your family because of your fiancé work, lost contact with old friends, then you understand how lonely it can be at times. I thought of using my blog as a personal outlet to express feelings and emotions, but then again would you wants to read about frustration, stress, and chaos? Though, I do hope to share my home décor, art and crafts, woodwork attempts, and small home projects with you.

The Name Change

Originally, I wanted to name my site “Home with Monique,” simply because my time is spent mostly at home with my three kiddos. Unfortunately, someone already had the name on twitter. So being quick on my toes, I created the name “Farmhouse Unique” with the slogan “Home with Monique.” Farmhouse Unique was created based on the fact that I love farmhouse styles. A little bit of rustic charm and the inspiration from Joanna Gaines had me sold and in love. Who knew shiplap was a thing? Not I, but now I love it! It is quite beautiful and I would love to incorporate it into my home one day. As we all know “you must start somewhere and work your way up!”

Updated on: December 05, 2020.

Farmhouse Unique is no more and is now named Fletchwood Homefront. Fletchwood Homefront was chosen because I no longer desired a name that dictates my décor style. If I ever chose another style other than farmhouse, then my brand name wouldn’t be misleading. Although, my love for farmhouse style will always be here and mixing styles is like a thing now. So why Fletchwood? Fletchwood hits close to home, but of course not too close! Plus I love the sound of it with homefront!

Ideal Home

On this journey, I will slowly, but surely transition my home into my ideal farmhouse dream home. Though, I fear my ideal dream home won’t fully be displayed in our current home for multiple reasons, I will do my absolute best to achieve the possible.

My ideal home is a one floor ranch style with a beautiful front porch. The front porch would include wooden cedar post, shutters, and front door. I love the look of cedar wood! The cedar look would be accompanied by a navy blue painted stucco, brick, or siding with white, but this is just option one. Option two: includes the cedar wood. The home would be painted white with black or cedar trim. Option 3 would include a green shade with black or cedar wood trim. There would be large front windows. Upon entering the home, the foyer would be roomy and open with built-ins for storage and sliding barn doors. Walls of shiplap. On the opposite wall there will be a beautiful farmhouse console with decorative items. A gorgeous open concept living area with a gorgeous mantled fireplace. A large spacious kitchen with a grand island with all the bells and whistles including my farmhouse sink I dream of having. A bright sunroom that could also be my art space. An office space with tons of built-ins for books. The kiddo’s playroom that would also act as their living space. A warm cozy master bedroom with a spectacular view of nature’s finest. Omg! The master bath will have my freestanding tub (my ultimate desire) or a claw foot tub would go nicely too. Of course, double vanities will be preferred. Don’t forget the walk-in closet with built-in shelving units and drawers. Oh, and the closet’s secret compartment! To sum it all up, 5 bedrooms with 3 and a half bath. Perfect lighting throughout the home would be lovely! Omg, herringbone pattern is a must either the flooring or with the backsplash in the kitchen and bath. I simply adore it! The gracious green lawn with a beautiful landscape. 


Okay! Stop Dreaming and Wake-up to Reality!

Sighs! Yeah, that’s definitely not happening with this home, but hey it’s okay to dream. This home may lack the space that’s required to build my ideal home, but it does offer minimal projects I can tackle just to make it a little more homey and a little more farmy. Décor is always a game changer and my go-to to improve our family’s home. Now you know more about me, feel free to share a little about you. Thanks for meeting me!

Simple changes can make everything right!


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