5 Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Décor Crafts!

Hello my friends! As we are embracing the new year, we say goodbye to all our Christmas decorations. Most of us are probably giving our home a deep cleaning and putting things back in order with organizing systems. Well, I have yet to manage an organization system in our home, so I’m just not quite there yet. Though, I am trying to become better organized, I think it’s best if I declutter everywhere first!

In the meantime, I have been creating small diy crafts for Valentines. To be honest, decorating for ever holiday is not a regular habit. Just little touches here and there to represent the day of love is sufficient enough for me.

Today, I will be sharing five crafts that you can easily do yourself with a bit of practice and patience my dear.

Most tools and materials are things you may find around your home, leftover from previous projects, your Target dollar spot, favorite craft store, or your local Dollar Tree.


The Fuzzy Heart
Fuzzy Wuzzy Heart

Take a heart shape cutout,( it can be foam or wood) and choose your materials ( yarn, twine, or ribbon around it.) Place a strip of got glue and add the twine. Continously wrap the twine around the heart. Repeat this process until you cover the entire heart. Next, put a strip of hot glue to secure it. Lastly, loop your material of choice to hang.

Garland of Hearts
Garland of Hearts,

Decide how long you want your garland. Choose a string, yarn, or twine and cut to the desired length. Take leftover fabric and cut into rectangular shape. The size depends on the size of the garland Fold each rectangle or square in half and cut at an angle from the bottom to the middle of each shape. Now, each shape should appear like a banner. Decorate your banner with leftover ribbon, jewels, sparkles, paint, markers, dots, or mini heart shapes. Whatever your heart desires. Glue down pieces that need to be secured. At the top of the banner, place a strip of hot glue, then lay and press the ribbon gently. Please be careful not to burn your hands. Repeat for the remainder banners and simply hang your beautiful garland.

The Decorative Love Sign

Purchase a unpainted Love Sign from your local Dollar Tree. Take the Twine off and save for later. Choose a paint of your choice and paint the sign. Allow to dry. If desired you can decorate it with gem stones, rocks, ribbon, and so on. I chose to wrap twine around the “O” the best way I could possibly, and then secured it with hot glue. Haha! It would have worked better if the letters were separated, which you can find at your local Walmart. Either way would be just fine. Once your sign is decorated to your desired taste.

Jars of hearts (Refresh)
Jars of Hearts.

So this is a small revamp of the Valentine’s Day jars I made last year. I purchased to jars from Dollar tree and cut out two heart shapes. I used double sided tape to hold the cutout onto the jar. Honestly, it would be best if you had a heart decal that you could easily paint over and then remove without paint seeping through. I mixed some paint together to get the desired pink hue and proceeded to paint the jar. After drying, I carefully removed the heart and scrapped away the paint that got under the heart cutout with a toothpick. Last year, I filled the jars with glittery balls with a mixture of red, white, and pink. Although the jar is pink, I wanted to keep my décor neutral this time around. In doing so, I decided to fill the jar with leftover snow flakes which I grab from Target back in December. It makes all the difference!

Hearted Arrow String Garland
Mini Hearted Arrows

For this project, I used a pack of 8 wooden heart shaped with arrows that and I stained them using a mixture of brown paint and water (front and back.) Next, I strung the hearts on a cooking twine tying a knot after each heart before spacing the heart 5 inches apart. Once done, loop both ends and hang or drape your garland.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for, tagging along through these mini tutorials. I love quick and simple crafts, it makes life a little bit easier to accomplish with a toddler running around. Have you been inspired to create one of these five crafts for Valentine’s? If so, follow and tag us @fletchwoodhomefront or use our hashtags #fletchwoodhomefront or #fletchwoodhomefrontdecor.

Have a fantastic day friends!

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