How to Make a Decorative Christmas Sleigh?

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh, hey

Jingle Bell Christmas Song

I love the Jingle Bell song because it is such a classic, fun, and cheery holiday song that your entire family can chime in and sing -a-long. It may not be in perfect harmony, but it is definitely lifting that Christmas Spirit!

This year, in choosing to minimize my spending on Christmas decorations, I have checked my craft cabinet that literally gets so overly cramp in search of usable supplies. Low and behold, I found large popsicle sticks that were leftover from creating little name stakes for our plants we wanted to grow during the summer time.

Unfortunately, the rain washed the marker right off and our plants didn’t grow. On the positive side of things, I have created two homemade decorative items from using these popsicle sticks. One in which I will be sharing today. Can you guess what it is? Yes, you guessed right!

I will be showing you how to make a Christmas sleigh using popsicle stick and a few other inexpensive tools that you may already have at home. Budget Friendly? Check! Money saved? Check! Simple and Easy? Check, Check!

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Materials & Tools
  1. Count out 10 popsicle sticks. (This is enough for one sleigh.)
  2. Choose a paint color and paint 5 popsicle sticks and allow them to dry. (This will be use to make the top of the sleigh.)
  3. Choose another paint color and paint 4 more popsicle sticks and allow them to dry. (This will make the legs of the sleigh.)
  4. Once the paint has dried completely, turn the 4 popsicle sticks over so that the back is facing up towards you. Arrange them with two of the middle sticks being equally centered, and then the two outer sticks are slightly pull down, but equal to each other. (View the above photo for details.)
  5. Next, take the one leftover unpainted popsicle stick and cut it in half. Place one half of that popsicle stick at the mid-top of the back of the sleigh top, and then the other at the mid-bottom of the sleigh top. (This will be to support and hold together the 4 popsicle sticks that create the top sleigh piece. Unfortunately, there is no photo for this process.)
  6. Lay 2 of the sleigh legs on top of each other and adjust it to the desired length to fit under the sleigh, and then secure them together with glue. Repeat for the remaining legs. (View photo below for details.)
  7. Once the legs are ready, hot glue them onto the underside of the top sleigh.
  8. Now, turn your sleigh right side up and take your other painted stick and place it horizontally across the front legs of the sleigh. Secure with glue.
  9. Add twine as the sleigh pull and secure that as well.
Creativity is the Key Ending

You can do more and decorate the sleigh with greenery, mini presents, a plie of wood, or anything your heart desires. Go ahead and design your heart out! You think it, then do it! Don’t let nothing stand in your way! Being creative let’s you be who you are and helps you express your tasteful sense of style. So why not let it shine my friend?

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