How to get the Chippy Paint Look?

Christmas spirit is in the air! After this year, we sure needed some Joy to lift our spirit! Yes, I have been shopping for Christmas decorations on the lighter side with my neutral palette. I don’t know about you, but each year I like to change things up! On one hand, it can be expensive! On the other hand you can upcycle and repurpose some of the décor pieces you already have.

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If you remember, last year I made a wooden Christmas tree box stand (skirt) which I stained a weathered grey. You can read more about it here. I love the fact that it was handmade by me, but I wanted a different look this time around. I thought about staining it again with American Walnut, but I found it difficult and time consuming to sand in between each panel. As I scroll my Instagram feed, one of the accounts I follow, Décor Steals had a post of a wooden window frames with a chippy paint looked that was quite intriguing!

So I thought to myself, that shouldn’t be too complicated! Now, all that was left to do was to research how to achieve the look. Luckily, one of my favorite DIYer and Home Improvement Queen Kelly, over at City Girl Meet Farm Boy had a tutorial of how to achieve the chippy paint look under her IGTV on Instagram, which you can view it here.

Now enough chit chat and let us get started!

Materials & Tools
  1. Apply a small amounts of ointment to the areas you want the paint to easily peel of when you sand.
  2. Apply the paint using a paintbrush. (2 coats may be required.)
  3. Once dry, use sand paper to sand.
  4. Take a clean cloth to wipe away dust.
  5. Applying polyurethane is completely optional. ( This step I skipped.)

Don’t you just love easy and simple projects! I know I do! Now, enjoy your beautiful chippy paint look which can be applied to any and everything you desire! From a wooden tree box to a wall frame, you can not go wrong my friends!

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Happy holidays!