One Easy Step to a Flocked Christmas Wreath

Do you love the look of flocked Christmas trees? How about without the mess? I do, I do! Well, I am here to share with you my little secret to how I got the snowy effect on my Christmas wreaths for my neutral palette.

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Christmas entryway.

What is Flocked?

Flocked is the white snow effect you get when adding a powdery substance. It can be used to create the perfect winter wonderland if that’s your aim or a neutral palette like me this year. It can be use to add a snowy like effect on Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, branches and pinecones. Oh, can you just visualize the gorgeous snowy winter view!


About two years ago, our family had purchased this beautiful flocked tree. The tree was gorgeous and perfectly white on the greenery. Yes, I was so in love! Who doesn’t love the look of snow on a tree? Well, the next It came to use the tree for Christmas, I discovered the white became a mildewy yellow hat was just unappealing! Until we got a new tree, if you remembered from reading Christmas with No Tree, I had created a wall like tree using lights. Haha! It wasn’t the best solution, but it was definitely something to play with temporary!

Lesson Learned

After that mishap, I came to the solution to not purchase too many flocked Christmas décor products in order to avoid waste of product. When you buy something you want it to last and be well worth the purchase. So let’s get your tools and materials to create a faux worthy snow effect using paint.

Materials & Tools


  1. Start by mixing your paint (I used Waverly chalk paint) with a little water.
  2. Grab your paint brush and start painting the berries of the wreath. (It is totally fine if the wreath does not have berries, so don’t stress!)
  3. Next, lightly brush the tips of the greenery to avoid applying too much paint to your wreath. You still want the green to be visible.
  4. Lastly, continue the process until all of your wreaths are completed!

Tip: Add a little paint at a time, that why you don’t over do it. If you feel you need to add more, then add more!

Door Christmas wreath with faux snow look.
Swag sprayed painted to look like faux snow.

Simple & Easy

Have you tried this method before? This simple solution allows your wreath(s) to remain looking beautiful year after year! No mess… no disappointment…and less money spent! I just love that you can do so much with a little paint! Wouldn’t you agree? Well friends, it’s always nice having you stop by, but now I must go and start my next project!

Have a closer look at the faux snow look with spray paint!

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Stay healthy, always be safe, and be creative!

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