How to Make a Garland?

What’s the holidays without Christmas garlands? Whether it’s garlands made of greenery, tinsel, beads or dried fruit, they are a must have to include in your holiday home décor.

I usually buy premade greenery, but I hope to make one with real pine branches one of these years. This year I wanted to try to make a beautiful beaded garland to help improve my farmhouse style décor. Though, these garlands can be use to compliment any type of décor style, from bohemian to chic! They are such a fun way to incorporate natural wood elements into your home’s design.

Today, I would like to try my hands of making a beaded garland with tassels. You can choose not to have tassels which is okay, but tassels are so much fun! So, join me on my journey to creating a beaded garland.

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Tools and Materials

Instructions to Making the Beaded Garland

(Please read instructions carefully: If you are adding tassels add about 3 inches of extra twine to both ends of the garland.)
  1. Paint or stain beads ahead of time and allow to dry.
  2. Determine the length of the twine, and then cut.
  3. Once the beads are dry, thread the twine through the needle. (Do not loop and knot the ends if adding tassels.)
  4. If using 2 different size of beads, create a pattern, and than thread the beads.

Instructions to Making Tassels

(Please read instructions carefully: Before starting, read and make sure that you understand this process. It might be a bit complicated, but pictures are below.)
  1. Take a small sized book and wrap the twine around to your desired thickness of the tassels.
  2. Cut away the excess twine.
  3. Now while holding the book with the wrap twine, take one end of your beaded garland and insert the loose twine under and through the wrap twine and book. (one end of the garland should now be between the book and the wrap twine. You will do the same for the other side, but not yet.)
  4. Turn the book so that the bind is upwards. Once upwards, slide the twine that is between the wrapped twine and book up towards the bind of the book.
  5. Next, tie and triple knot the garland end around the wrap twine making it secure.
  6. Repeat step 3, 4, and 5 for the other end of the beaded garland.
  7. Now that both ends are tied, find the middle of the wrapped twine and cut both on the front and back of the book. (I repeat: Cut the middle of the twine on the front of the book and then, cut the middle of the twine on back of book.)
  8. Yay! Now you got tassels in the making, cut two extra twine about 3 inches long and wrap around the top side of the tassel. (One for each tassel.)
  9. You can either trim the excess twine off and use hot glue to secure it. Or you can securely tie a knot and thread the end under and through the top of the tassel trying hide it. (Honestly, I failed trying to hide the knot, so I would suggest hot gluing it and then, trim the ends of the tassels so that they are even.)


Whew, that was a whirlwind! I believe I need more practice when it comes to making tassels, but hey, practice makes perfect, right? There’s no right or wrong way to make a garland. You can alternate small or large beads creating a pattern. You can not only use beads, but pinecones, greenery, and dried fruit as well. As I always say when it comes to doing it yourself, the possibilities are endless! Whatever you desire, make it come true!

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Let’s, chat!

Do you enjoy making homemade garlands? What are some garlands that you have had the pleasure of making yourself? If none, what would you be interested in making? We love to hear from you my friend!

As always, stay safe and be creative!


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