Farmhouse Sconces: Adding Lights without Electrical Wiring.

Can you believe it? I came across an interesting way to add lighting to sconces without electrical wiring from one of my favorite fellow blogger, Charity over on, Mornings on Macedonia. She has an awesome blog from diys to testing products, so be sure to swing by and show some love!

I thought it would be so neat to add some vintage lighting without the hassle of wiring. Might I add, it’s budget friendly and good option if you don’t have the funds to have an handy electrician to wire or rewire your home. The best part. . . it can be placed anywhere!



Majority of my purchase this time around are from Amazon, where this Elibbren Vintage Farmhouse Gooseneck wall sconce set came from. I was in AWE! Being so drawn to the modern day farmhouse style, one can only dream of having a vintage farmhouse light fixtures.

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Getting Started

  1. Follow the instructions given to put together the parts of the light fixture.
  2. Wrap the floral wire around the socket of the light several times. Twist and cut. (Note: Be sure to have enough wire to string through the wholes of the puck light back cover.)
  3. Remove the cover of the puck light. String each end through the wholes of the puck light back cover, then twist the wires again to make the cover secure to the light fixture.
  4. Next, insert the required batteries and place the puck light to its cover.
  5. Lastly, attach the sconce(s) to the wall with the screws.


Although, what makes a vintage light so unique and draws my attention, is the bulb itself. Looking at the end result, it looks quite beautiful. All that’s missing is two framed art pieces to be hung underneath each light fixture. Yes, I’m working on that and will share in a update when completed. One thing though, I’m struggling on whether to hang some type of art piece above the T.V. between the lights as well. What would you suggest? Is it too much or fine as is? Share your thoughts and let’s chat!

As always, stay safe and be creative!