How to Make a Chalkboard Wall: DIY & Tips

Hey Friends, I hope all is well! I thought I would hop aboard this Pinterest train of DIY chalkboard walls for my three little ones. I thought it would be such a fun idea for the kiddos to have the opportunity to draw with chalk whenever, especially during the cold winter months. As you all may know, my go to home improvement store is Home Depot. For all you new folks, I frequently shop Home Depot since its close to home. All today’s supplies came from there, even the Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint, but I do have some similar finds of supplies from Amazon.

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Before, getting into the materials and step-by-step instructions, I wanted to share a few tips in order to help you before tackling this mini project.


Tip #1: Choose an area where you don’t mind a lot of dust because chalk creates a lot of dust. Yes, it’ll will get on the floors especially if you’re doing a whole chalkboard wall without a ledge. Keep in mind that dust particles will float to nearby items as well. With that in mind, I decide to create a chalkboard wall in the kid’s playroom.

Tip #2: Keep It Small and Simple. Don’t create a huge chalk wall. Why? Chalkboards tend to get messy and may even be an eye sore when it comes to smearing and smudging from erasing. Although, depending on the chalk paint you use clean up should be a breeze!

Tip #3: Make sure surface is cleaned and smooth. As advised on the paint container, clean the surface and allow to dry. Be sure to sand to make the surface smooth and free of bumps. After sanding, wipe the wall clean. No one wants to create a masterpiece on a bumpy chalkboard.

Tip #4: You MUST follow the required drying time in between coats, and after your finished coat before YOU or your kiddos chalk it up!

Tip# 6: Season the board with chalk by rubbing it on its’ side all over, and then erasing.

Tip #7 It’s required to wait 7 days after painting to wash board. As always, recondition the board with chalk.

Tip #5 ALWAYS read the directions on the container before painting.

Tip #6 Use really good painter’s tape.

Alright guys, here are the list of supplies:

Tools and Materials

Getting Started

  1. Use a primer if applicable, other wise measure and mark the area of choice.
  2. Apply painter’s tape and lay down your drop cloth (tape down if necessary.)
  3. Stir the paint, and then pour it into the paint tray.
  4. Next, use the paint roller to apply the paint to the wall. You may need to recoat 2-3 times. (Note: I use 4 coats and still have paint left over in this paint can of 30 FL. OZ. 887mL..)


In-between coats, 4 hours is the full dry time to wait. After your finished coat, you Must wait 3 days to fully cure. Then you condition the board with a piece of chalk by laying it on it’s side and rubbing over the entire surface and then erasing it. Yay! Now your board is ready for use!

I chose to create a chalkboard silhouette of a house. It’s so cute! I love it and the kids love it! I’m still thinking about outlining the house with wood trim giving the green more of a pop. What do you think?

Oh, the possibilities are endless, from a boat to a forest of trees, even mountains. What will your creation be for your little ones? Share below in the comments, pictures are always welcome. As always you can sign up for the next DIY or home décor finds. Until next time, be creative and stay safe!

Happy Halloween!