Vintage Wire Laundry Hamper

The Scoop: What’s New?

Hi friends! I was in the market for a new find to store our mini collection of blankets. I was looking for a particular storage basket that is raised high off the ground for a good reason. We live in a split level single family home with the top level accommodating the main living area, kitchen, bath and bedrooms. The foyer split accommodating the small entryway, and of course, the bottom level accommodating the downstairs living area, play area, and half-bath.

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The Issue: Moisture and Mold!

A few months backs, I discovered an odd smell that just wouldn’t go away. Huh, I’m stumped. Following my nose like Toucan Sam, the issue turned out to be mold . . . dun dun dun! It was a nightmare cleaning two separate mold problems for 1 week straight! One from the kiddos trapped food, and one from moisture in the basement. Yikes! I never thought I would experience this in our home.

So I cleaned using CLR Mold and Mildew Spray free from harmful chemicals. Surprisingly it worked! Most stuff was trashed, but I washed the blankets in hot soapy water with vinegar hoping that will get rid of the odor. So far the smell is gone, but I just couldn’t get the smell out of the large fabric storage ben that sat directly on the floor. It sucked just tossing things away in the trash, but I didn’t know what else to do. The mister bought a dehumidifier to help manage the moisture issue. You can find the CLR Mold and Mildew Cleaner ( here) and the dehumidifier (here.) It’s not the cutest, but it serves it’s purpose.

The Search: Storage for blankets!

Searching online was a given! I often use google search to find items and compare prices. After typing in the search engine, “large metal storage basket for blankets with stand,” I came across a Home Depot ad for the Kindwer Vintage Wire Laundry Basket for $63.03. Ultimately, I decided to search on instead and purchased it for $61.19. Of course I used my mister’s Amazon points and got it for 20 something. You can find the Kindwer Vintage Wire Laundry Basket (here.)

It’s larger than expected that’s for sure. No tools or assembling required! Just pull the legs of the basket open and pop it up! The basket can be adjusted to open-up halfway or its full size which allows lots of storage space for blankets and pillows.

I just love this basket and couldn’t be more happy with this selection. I tested it upstairs first and adored it in the upstairs living space. Now, it is in its rightful place, the downstairs living area. Definitely, looking to purchase another basket soon for upstairs.

View of the basket in the downstairs living space.

What do you think of the look? I hope you enjoyed this awesome find as much as I did!

Setting up Kindwer Vintage Wired Laundry Basket.
The Plan: Working on the Basement!

As far as the carpet goes, the mister and I will be replacing the floors with a vinyl flooring in Mid-November since it’s one of the preferred options to have in a basement when dealing with moisture issues. We chose to go with vinyl flooring because it is one of the inexpensive options. If vinyl is not your thing, there are other options.

Other options includes: ceramic tile, engineered hardwood (make sure it’s below grade basement), rubber flooring, and epoxy floor coating. Any of these will work great in your basement just as long as you take the necessary measures to ensure moisture stays out of the basement with a bit of outside work. Keep your gutters clean and make necessary repairs. Make sure water is sloped away from your home by grading the foundation. Lastly, be sure to use an extension hoses for downspouts having the water flow away from your home. I hope that our little mishap helps you if your experiencing moisture issues.

Have a beautiful day!

As always have fun, stay safe, and be creative