Fall Art Galore

Fall Season!

It’s Fall! It’s October and Halloween is creeping up on us! This year I haven’t been shopping to crazy for seasonal décor because the kiddos are still doing virtual learning at home and I’m on full mommy slash teacher mode. Whew, Mommy needs a break! So when I have time to spare and I say that very lightly, I draw.

I am no Picasso, but I love art. Whether it’s seasonal or all year round, I strive to make my own art décor. This fall, I drew a few sketches for the season. Chalkboard art is always a favorite!

There’s one canvas artwork made with a mixture of acrylic and chalk paint. I also, developed an interest in watercolors and tried my hands at that too. I hope you enjoy my mini fall art gallery.

Who says you can’t create a masterpiece and use it to style your home?

Draw whatever you love or print out outlined images to trace. There’s nothing wrong with tracing. As a young girl, that’s how I learned to draw. Now, I sketch pictures and paint to a minimum!

Go on! Add some color using various mediums, such as watercolors, ink, or oil to create your work of art. Frame it, hang it, and enjoy it. If painting is not your thing, just do whatever makes you smile!

Have a lovely day!

As always, have fun, stay safe and be creative!