Wedding: Ideal Farmhouse Wedding

As a young girl, I always dream of one day getting married and having my dream wedding. It would be so beautiful and glamorous with lights, sparkle, and shine. Yes extravagant and all! As I’ve grown, I prefer more simple things in life and began to develop a love for farmhouse style. So why not a farmhouse wedding?

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Ideally, I would love to have a farmhouse styled wedding. When and where all depends on the time of year the mister and I decide to get married. Respectfully, I’m torn between the warm spring/summer time or the chill fall /winter time. See, the mister and I had our first date on December 1st and made that our yearly anniversary. Honestly, I would love to have an outdoor wedding, but if we do decide to have a winter wedding, December 1st would be the day! 

Why Aren’t You Married?

There are four fair reasons why we have been putting off our wedding. Reason #1: We started our family too soon, and they have become our main priority. Reason #2: I ideally would love to lose my baby weight from all 3 pregnancies and that’s a process by itself. Reason #3: We made it a mission to save up to take our kiddos to Disney World.They should have that opportunity to go at least once during their childhood! Reason #4: Curse you student loans! Yes, my student loans are collectively racking up as I remain a stay at home parent, but that’s another story for another time. 

It’s just another expense my fiance cannot take on at the moment because let’s be honest the federal government DO NOT care about any other expenses you have in your life and will take everything you have so they can get their damn money. So yes! This is the main reason why our wedding will remain just a dream for some time.

No worries! Our love is not determined by words on a piece of paper. Using my imagination and awesome farmhouse finds I will plan my dream ideal wedding. The venue will either be outdoors, while the reception will take place indoors with farmhouse style decorations. Nothing too extravagant, but simple with beauty to spare!

Ideal Wedding

Imagine an old country road or green field with trees, hay barrels, and a barn house nearby where the reception will be held. Wine barrels with beautiful greenery and white floral near the entrance leading up to the altar. A long aisle with rows of chairs, white or natural wood tone chairs (still undecided.) 

Wooden lanterns with lite candles placed at the end of each row lining up the aisle the soon to be bride (hey,that’s me) will walk down to meet her patiently waiting groom (my mister.) Behind the bride and groom will be a gorgeous engagement ceremony backdrop with a wooden frame draped with white sheer cloth, lights, and more of the beautiful greenery and white floral arrangements. 

Upon entering the barn, their two more barrels with the famous greenery and floral with a sign. String lights will hang from above. Straight back will be the bride and grooms table nicely decorated with another stunning backdrop. In the middle of the room will be the dance floor surrounded by round tables for guests. 

Each table topped with a white table cloth, more floral/greenery, candles, and small gift trinkets. There will be a nice rustic table with a sprinkle of greenery, floral, and lights, that will hold the gifts and unique guestbook near the entrance. Another long rustic table where drinks, appetizers, and the food will be served. Most importantly the room will be with people we love!

 Oh, did I mention most of the wedding decorations will be homemade with simple diy crafts and woodwork projects (which I’ll share in future posts.) This way our wedding can be inexpensive and on a budget! I will also include some cute farm decorative finds I found. Feel free to take a look below. 

Decorative Finds

This can be used at the entrance of the venue and the reception area. Greeting your guest with a heartfelt message.

Be organized and display table numbers or names while adding a decorative touch.

Can’t forget the wedding planner to help you stay on schedule and on budget all while planning your big day!

The greenery can be used for table decorations, backdrops, and so on.

This beautiful sheer chiffon can also be used to decorate the table as well as a backdrop.

This gorgeous lantern can be used down the aisle, and again to decorate the tables and backdrops.

These gorgeous beauties can definitely be used near the entrances, around the bride and groom table set up, and/or the backdrop.

The letter board can be used to display a greeting, the menu, a message, or a love quote. Get creative!

Decorative purposes or serving delicious treats or appetizers.

These wood slices can be used as coasters, small gifts engraved with a message for your guest, or just plain old decorations.

Wooden Guestbook Sign

This keepsake will be a perfect addition to your home once your party guest sign. You get to remember all those who showed their love and support. Most of all, you also get to share it with your kiddos!

Floral Hanging Wreaths

These stunning wreaths will look perfect hanging from above, across the entire room. They can be used along the walls, hanging from the trees and featured in the backdrop.

I hope you enjoyed these selection of farmhouse wedding finds. Each can be used for more than just a wedding! Bonus! Add these items to your own personal home décor! What would you use these items for? What was your favorite item? What would you include in your wedding? Drop a comment below! That’s all for now. . .until next time!

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