How to Make a Decorative Wall Art for Valentine’s?

Hello beautiful people! We are getting close to the end of our Valentine’s DIY craft decoration project. It’s sad, but true. i have enjoy having you follow along this week and hope you stick around. “The Golden Arrow,” is the next diy project for today. It is one of my favorites simply because of the color palette. It is simple, yet beautiful. Now, presenting, “The Golden Arrow.”

The Golden Arrow

Materials & Tools:
  • Heart Valentine’s day sign from dollar tree
  • Heart Valentine’s day sign with an arrow from dollar tree.
  • Scrapper
  • Sandpaper or sanding block
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Gold spray paint 
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Twine
  • 1 Flower
  • Goo be gone
  • Scissors
  • Putty knife
Valentine’s sign removed. Saved for another project.

Step 1: Using the putty knife remove the sign, and then use scissors to remove the ribbon.

Step 2: Using sandpaper or a sanding block, sand the blotchy spot until it’s smooth, then wipe the sand dust away.

Step 3: Apply your paint using a paintbrush (I use white chalk paint.) It may require two coats of paint. 

Gold arrow.

Step 4: While allowing it to dry, I sprayed Goo be gone onto the arrow and let that sit for 5 minutes. Next, I scraped the glitter off the arrow cleaned it with soap.and water, let it dry, and then spray painted the arrow gold.

Tip: After lightly dipping your brush into the black paint, wipe excess off onto a paper towel before brushing onto the heart.

Step 5: Letting the arrow dry, I used a dab on black paint and dry brushed paint onto the heart to that get the weathered look.

Step 6: Take the arrow and hot glue it onto the edges of the heart. 

Step 7: Add a flower (this is totally optional,) and then add twine to hang it.

This is beyond my favorite and I am simply pleased with how this craft has turned out. This decorative beauty can be used as wall art or a wreath for the door.

Look love, you made it more than halfway through our Valentine’s crafting journey. One more day ahead, and it’s so bitter sweet! If you are just tuning in, have a look at the first three Valentine’s Day crafts: The Love Sign, The Heart Box, and The Jars of Hearts. Until tomorrow!

Let your creativity flow!

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