How to Make a Valentine’s Day Jars of Hearts?

Hello my fellow crafters! Here’s to a new day and a lovely craft to share. Today, I’m sharing my third Valentine’s Day craft with you. Hurray, we’re halfway through my top five Valentine’s DIY craft! Making each craft has been fun and frustrating at the same time because my son barely lets me do anything, lol. Today Valentines craft is called, “Jar of hearts,” just like the song by Christina Perri.

And who do you think you are?

Runnin’ ’round leaving scars

Collecting your jar of hearts

Christina Perri

Jars of Hearts

Materials & Tools:
  • Glass jars (I used 2 from Dollar Tree)
  • Twine (optional)
  • Vase Fillers (optional)
  • 1 construction paper or vinyl
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun & Glue sticks
  • Knob(s) (Optional)

Step 1: Wipe your jar clean (soap and water, or rubbing alcohol will do.)

Step 2: Fold your paper in half. Use scissors to cut-out a heart shape. If you are doing more than one jar, cutout as many hearts as you need. Also, if you need to draw your heart out, go for it!)

Note: If using paper take tape to adhere to both the heart and the jar. This will be tricky when it comes time to paint your jar. I suggest using vinyl to avoid getting paint between the heart and the glass.
I mixed my white and dark pink to get my light pink color. It took 2 coats of paint.

Step 4: Once your heart is attached, choose your paint color and begin to paint your jar.

Step 5: After allowing the jar to dry, remove the heart. Since I use paper, paint got in between the jar and the heart. It wasn’t too bad, I just scraped the excess paint off by using a toothpick.

Step 6: This next step is optional. Fill the jar with a filler. You can use rocks, sand, lights, or even add a candle. 

Finish jars of hearts, so I thought!

Step 7: Wrap twine or a ribbon around the lid, and then tie it into a bow. 

Now pose for the camera. . .click, click! You’re Jars of hearts are each completed to add to your beautiful Valentine’s day home décor. Be sure to send your pictures of your crafts tagging @Fletchwoodhomefront on social medial. I would to see them! What would you do differently? Let’s chat in the comments below!  

If you haven’t seen the first two Valentine’s Day crafts, check them “The Love Signhere and “The Heart Box,” here. Until tomorrow my loves!

Happy Creating!

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