Home Décor Finds

A couple a days ago, I went to a few of my favorite stores. When I shop I’m looking for a rustic farmhouse style with a little bit of modern and glam. Not only do I shop for my home, but I also discover great finds for the kiddos room. My hubby just disapproves of whenever I make it a mission to go to these particular stores simply because he knows I am always tempted and will leave with something in hand despite my, “just looking” excuse. I love that he knows me so well!

Kirkland’s is one of my new favorite stores. The atmosphere is just so inviting, while the store associates are so friendly and helpful with answers to your questions. The quality and variety of the products are amazing, plus they have awesome deals from time to time in store and online. The foot trafficking is so simple. You start from one side of the front of the store and work your way to the back of the store, around and back to the front almost like a rectangle or square shape, and then explore everything in the middle. At least that’s how I navigate through the store.

Here are a couple of finds I’ve purchased below:

Calendar house.
It’s So Good to be Home wood plank.
Galvanized vase bouquet of lamb ears.

Those beauties will make a great addition to my home! Overall, with the discount I purchased everything for $52.94. The Calendar House was final sale and cost $9.97, however it was not included in the discount. The same goes for the It’s Good to be Home wood plank, it cost $12.99, but I don’t believe it was final sale. As for the, bouquet lamb ear, and the galvanized vase, each was priced at $19.99 and discounted for $14.99 each.

Now, before I move on to my next favorite home store. I stopped my favorite children’s clothing store, Carter’s to pick up part of an online order that was ready. I just love the style of clothes with their cute design (the kiddos love them too.) My kids are not into jeans, not even the jeggings. I usually just purchase leggings, sweatpants, and joggers ( happy kids, happy mom.) One of the things that was ready for pick-up were the christmas pajamas set for my girls.

Carter’s 2-piece Christmas Magic Snug Fit Cotton and Fleece pajamas.

At $12.80 each, the sum amount was $25.60. I purchased 2 sets, discounted at $22.43. They are super and will help the girls warm through the winter, despite the fact that my youngest daughter said, ” I don’t like the pants,” (sighs. . .Mommy can’t win.) She more of a nightgown girl, bit I want her legs covered in the winter, so she just have to be thankful.

Last stop, HomeGoods (Oh my gosh.) Oh how I love this store. It’s just so bright and airy. The furniture and decor are my favorite part of the store. Can you imagine my eyes being lite up in awe of all the Christmas decoration. Yes, it’s that time of year! My immediate reaction was to buy everything! Ha, ha ha, but then I thought about the mister and the spending limit I needed to set for myself. So I purchased as followed:

Bottle brush Christmas trees, galvanized house, wrapping paper.
2 sets of bottle brush Christmas Trees
Galvanized house
Reusable Christmas Shopping Bag

Ah yes! I had more in my cart, but was caution of my spending for my mister and put the other finds back on the shelf (so sad.) Overall, I spend $48.95 shopping at HomeGoods. The bottle brush Christmas Trees (at least that’s what I call them,) cost $16.99 each. The galvanized house costed $9.99. The wrapping paper cost $3.99. Last but not least, the reusable Christmas bag cost $0.99. Who knows, I may be back soon to find more great finds.

Where is your favorite place to shop and discover awesome finds for your home? Share and comment below.